Our Mission

Our mission at The Sheek Life Agency is to cultivate lives through life insurance. We specialize in term life insurance and the many variations of whole life insurance. We are an independent agency with nearly 50 life insurance companies to choose from. That means, we have plans for everyone. Our agents are prepared to help you plan for your future with professionalism and proficiency.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need ?

At The Sheek Life Agency, we encourage our clients to utilize the DIME method to determine how much life insurance you need. Debt + Income + Mortgage + Education = How much life insurance you need. (This number should be at least ten (10) times your annual salary.)

Owner and Life Insurance Broker

Yasheka Smith

Yasheka is a mom, retired Marine, and a woman of many other titles. She started The Sheek Life Agency in February of 2019  after retiring from the United States Marine Corps and experiencing a tremendous amount of personal loss. In two years, she’d unexpectedly lose her mother, two younger brothers, & her grandmother. Sheek, as she is was affectionately called by her mom, recalls postponing her grieving in order to make the final arrangements for her loved ones.  “Grief itself is horrific, which is why she wants to relieve as much stress as possible for families to adjust to their new normal. Life Insurance is not because you are going to die, it's because your loved ones are going to live." Our clients are more like family and we sincerely appreciate their trust in our agency.


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